Caring Through Education



         American Kennel Club     *DIAMOND SPONSOR


        American Canine Association    *RUBY SPONSOR 


         Americas Pet Registry       *RUBY SPONSOR

         United All Breed Registry

Medical Supply's

        A to Z Vet Supply      *DIAMOND SPONSOR

         Revival Animal Health     *SAPPHIRE SPONSOR

         Lambert Vet Supply       *RUBY SPONSOR


         Blue Ribbon Vet Supply

Avenue Vet Clinic - 712 722-2522

Record Keeping / Identification

         The Pet Xchange        *EMERALD SPONSOR

         Microchip ID Systems

        Homeward Bound Pet

Food / Supplements

       Nestle Purnia/ProPlan    *DIAMOND SPONSOR

         American Natural Premium    *EMERALD SPONSOR

         Nutrisource/Tuffys        *RUBY SPONSOR

          Dream Maker Kennel


         Wellman Produce

On Line Sales



         Puppy  Travelers      * RUBY SPONSOR



          Sonshine Pets 


            Runway Pets

            Johnsons Precious Cargo

Pet Store

             Petland      *RUBY SPONSOR


Kennel Equipment/Supplies

            Straightline Enterprises LLC     * SAPPHIRE SPONSOR


              KW Welding       * Ruby SPONSOR



               Mullet Metal Works      *Sapphire SPONSOR


               Plastic Crate


               Paris Innovations & Design


              Tandem Products/Tenderfoot

             Innovated Green Energy Solutions


             JAK'S Puppies        * Diamond Sponsor

       / 641-843-3103


                Select Puppies    *EMERALD SPONSOR

       / 319 469-7877

If you would like to be a Sponsor or just have a booth at the Iowa Pet Breeders Annual Seminar 

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